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2017 MPAEF Auction


Join fellow crime fighters (and a few villains, too) for a fundraising event like no other! Flex your superhero muscles at the MPAEF Spring Auction & Event. This Superhero Bash will bring together the area's finest Avengers, xMen, Justice League members and local heroes in support of our kids!    

  • Indulge in superhero libations, fare and decadent desserts
  • Bid like Bruce Banner on your favorite items and parties
  • Dance the night up, up and away...                                                 

Feel free to come dressed in your favorite superhero gear and be ready to have fun!


MPAEF Calling All Superheroes Auction Party MPAEF Online Auction
Sat. 3/25 7:00-11:00pm 3/26-4/3
MacArthur Park, 27 University Ave., Palo Alto 400+ items to bid on!


Donate an Auction Party or Item

Click here to donate parties  (Click here to view last year's auction items.)


Click here to go to the IRS website to read Rules on Tax Deductibility of Charitable Auctions. In a nutshell, if you pay more than the market value of an item, the difference may be tax deductible. Few of our auction items end up being eligible for tax deductibility. Auction party tickets are worth less than the cost of the party and are not tax deductible