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2017 MPAEF Auction


Join the party and get exclusive access to items open only to partygoers. Feel free to dress as a superhero or just come as you are, but be ready to have fun!  See the catalog.

Come celebrate our children and support your school by  

  • Indulging in superhero libations, fare and decadent desserts
  • Bidding like Bruce Banner on Premier auction items and parties
  • Dancing the night up, up, and away...

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    Bid online from 9am Sunday March 26th thru 9pm Monday April 3rd. There are hundreds of items for children and adults!  

    Auction Catalog ~  Auction Rules ~ Register to Bid (click "Register to Bid" at top).

    The Auction URL is

    The Mobile (Phone) Bidding URL is

    Our Music and Art Teachers and Librarians

    These superheroes expand our children's skills, character and worldview. Unharness your superpowers for our children so they may explore a richer curriculum guided by professionals who teach the fundamentals of learning and life. Give to Fund a Need


    Hillview Superheroes! See what Hillview kids have to say about who are their superheroes in real life - click here for Hillview Superheroes video

    Click here to go to the IRS website to read Rules on Tax Deductibility of Charitable Auctions. In a nutshell, if you pay more than the market value of an item, the difference may be tax deductible. Few of our auction items end up being eligible for tax deductibility.